Love is beautiful.Almost 99% of us have our first love and  we can’t forget it after breakups or while in a relationship with another girl.Why can’t we forget the face of our first love.why we remember all things about our first love and why it is so hard to forget our  first love.

Our first love is so powerful,energetic and  passionate and First time in life we really care for someone else.Sweet hug,cuddle,kiss,gift,long drive and long night conversion happening for the first time in our life and we are like such things.

Another reason to not forget our first love is that our first love is purely innocent and when we fall in love for the first time there is no expectation on both’s purely attraction and that is the awesome thing.The love is started from heart not from brain.whole world look beautiful and it was just a beginning.

Whenever we talk about our love we remember everything like age difference between us,our choices,birth date,smile,eyes,connection  and we still remember that how she look like in her 16-17 and how much we love her.within those days our life is perfect because we don’t have any challenge and we are enjoying our first.

There is another reason to not forget our first love is when we fall in love we did things passionately.We love each other passionately.we fight with each other and  we taking care of each other with heart.

The greeting card ,gift,toy,ring,can go away from us but what about feeling that you get first time  in your life and that can not be gone at any how condition.Everything happening in your life for first time is awesome just like if you riding a bike for first time it’s feel awesome but after learning the bike did you feel that intencity to to ride bike not at all.this thing apply for all situation happen in our life.It is true that learning bike and falling in love is two different things but energy for both thing are equal in starting phase.

So that was my opinion for why people don’t forget there first love.what you think about it plz give valuable comments in the comment box.