Did you no that in a universe there is a total 400 billion star and still earth is
only planet who have lives on it that’s amazing if you are curious about space than this
article is just for you so let’s explore the space

10.every year the moon go aways from earth by 0.3cm and after 100 million year it totally free from earth gravity and travels free in the universe and after that know one going to write a poem on moon.

9.when to metal are get touch in with each other in space than they get bonded with each its called cold welding effect.its happen because molecule of that two metal don’t know that they are different from each other.

8. Enceladus is one of Saturn’s moon which reflect 99% of sun light because it has icy surface so instead absorbing light it reflect light so temperatures reach as low as -201*.

7.space did not have any atmosphere its mean it does not have any medium for that reason sound can not travel in space because its need medium. Astronauts use radio single to communicate with each other.

6.At 600 km wide and 21 km high, Olympus Mons is a volcano on Mars that may still be active, according to scientists. It is the tallest peak of any planet. However, the Rheasilvia central peak on the asteroid Vesta is taller at 22 km.

5. The footprint of the first person who reaches on moon remains forever because there is no air.

4.pluto is smaller than USA .pluto has 2374 km area and usa has 4653 km area.

3.In our solar system there are almost four planets who are gas giant.a gas giant are big planet which is made up of gases like hydrogen and helium and they look giant but they have very low gravitational force because they have low density.

2. We know more about the moon and marsh than we know about the ocean. It sounds crazy.We fully map the marsh and moon surface but we are roughly able to map only 5% of the ocean surface.ocean has so many mysteries in it but we explore it in our next article.

1.Every year an asteroid the size of a car enters the earth atmosphere but it burns before it reaches up-to us because of earth gravity. When asteroid travel through air friction increase so it burn out totally.



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