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Due to the Corona virus crisis almost 95% people in the world are locked out of their home so we have so much free time so how do you utilize your time?Now you are thinking what can we do at home?Don’t worry we have something great for you.We all know that the whole world is facing the COVID 19 crisis and we are responsible citizens of our country who stay home to save our country.

After our contribution, some online educational platforms all over the world are doing great things for us. They are giving free courses to everyone who wants to learn at home. This is the golden opportunity for those who want to learn and you can utilize your time bye staying home.

In this article, we are going to share those platform which are giving a free course. They are not giving a certificate for those courses because of their policy but still you get those course absolutely free which have market value nearly 85,000 INR so it’s worthy to do this courses because knowledge always matter and it help you to brighten your carrier so let see.

Simply go on moz official side : https://academy.moz.com/


Use Promocode “wegotthis”

And you are enrolled in the course.


Udemy always provides courses at a low price but now udemy also gives some free courses you can directly search this course on their website . There is a difference course available on WordPress, photoshop,programming , python and many more

Click Here For Signup : Udemy.

Coursera is an online platform that provides 85 courses from different universities from all over the world.all courses are related to finance, business, English, psychology and coding and good thing is that all courses are created by the expert.

You can directly go to their official website and register your and enroll in the course.

For Signup Click Here : Coursera.


Edx is another online platform which gives you free courses but this course is provided by world top universities like harvard university,boston university and the university of texas system.This course is mainly related to data science,language,computer science,business and management,engineering and humanity.

You can learn a new language in free time and many more think so everyone should grab this opportunity even world top class singer shakira did his graduation in this lockdown period .She took a 4 week ancient philosophy course so when she can learn it then we can also.

Signup here : https://www.edx.org/

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