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14 Jul 2020

About us

Something about us.


Welcome to it’s Factist! 


We truly believe that knowledge is the most powerful weapon to change the world.Without knowledge you can’t be successful in life so what type of knowledge all we need.Knowledge did not have any limitation.It is like an ocean which has no end  and no limit you can take as much as you want.

So what is the benefit of getting knowledge.

  • Knowledge help you to understand yourself.It give you confidant
  • We must master the techniques of adjusting and accommodating with the changes in our surroundings and life situations.
  • Knowledge improves our thinking process. We can think more clearly. It helps us identify the problem and solve it.
  •  Knowledgeable person will overcome problems easily and fastly.

Whenever you acquire knowledge your mind is grinding and learning you feel it’s worth it and when you suddenly stop learning you time passes so quickly and it doesn’t worth it.Knowledge makes you think and analyze. Knowledge makes you build your opinion. It makes you feel content and helps you find peace. 

This is some benefit of getting knowledge  but there is to benefit of which type of knowledge you need? The answer of this question has no limitation because everyone is curious about different things like I am always curious about space.Someone likes tech,motivation or lifestyle.Let take example when we are child so many of us has questions which come first egg or chicken and we not have our answer so this is just one curiosity we have but there is so many in world.

We are here to provides you best knowledgeable content to you about everything and our website is like ocean of knowledge so get ready to dive into the ocean on unknown.

You can watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

Thank You.

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