Human Brain  is smartest brain on earth.It is a part of your central nervous system.Your brain is so much complex structure even doctors and scientist did not found the some fact about brain it’s means your brain is more awesome than what you can send to many instruction to our body part at one time so let’s find out more interesting fact  human brain.

1.Human brain can produce at least 11-25 watt electricity  and this is enough to power a low voltage LED light bulb.

2.Human brain has approximately 86 -100 billions neurons.If you count them one by one it will take 3000 year to finish your count.

3.60% of our brain is made up of fat and is one of the fattest  part of our body.

4.Human brain has 86 billion neurons and each one makes connections to others and this will add up to 1000 trillion connections and with the time neurons get combined and their storage capacity also increases.

5.70% of the human brain is made up of water so little bit dehydration has a negative impact on your brain.

6.The harder you think ,The more oxygen your brain will be use from your blood sometime 50% 

7.Most brain surgery happens when a patient is awake because the brain doest have any pain for itself.

8.Information in our brain  can be transferred at the speed of 268 miles per hour an it was the least speed in our brain.

9.It is a lie that your brain only uses  10% of it brain. Actually we use 100% of it even when we are sleepy.

10.When blood supply stops to our brain then after 10 seconds our brain starts losing  consciousness and after it if the brain did not get blood supply for 5-6 minute then it die.

11.Dream is proof that your brain works when you sleep and brain wave is more active when you are dreaming.